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June 21st, 2016


Yoga Day

Sunset in your region

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On June 21st we invite you to participate in a global synchronized yoga experience

Thousands of yogis will unify in over 500 locations to practice Yoga and Meditation, deepening into inner peace

If you’re a yoga teacher, click "Create an Event" on the map below to register an event in your studio, home, local park, or city center! And sign-up below to receive your Organizer Kit. If you want to join a class, scroll down to the map and find one near you.

Yoga Day Partners

Interested in organizing a World Yoga Day event?

UNIFY is here to support you in creating the best yoga day event ever! We have helped thousands of organizers create events all around the planet. Sign up to receive your organizer toolkit, which includes visioning exercises, social media tips, instructions on our interactive map, and more.

Free online video broadcast on International Yoga Day, June 21st
From Ancient Wisdom to Modern Science
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Let go of Stress and
Find Serenity
The word "Yoga" means Unify in Sanskrit. Yoga is a system developed in India to align our mind, body, and consciousness with “prana”: the electromagnet pulse that energizes all life. For many, yoga is a non-denominational way for us to find greater connection and inner peace. And worldwide, it has grown into a movement of over 250 million practitioners.
On June 21st, we invite you to join us for the global wave of yoga. Practice whatever form of yoga or meditation you like.

Even if you can't attend a World Yoga Day event, join us by practicing yoga wherever you are. And tell your friends and family to join you!

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